Global Citizenship In a Changing World


Francesca Story

Lima prepares to host a three-day summit for young, international leaders which begins this Friday. The younger generations are ready for a change, are you?

With global temperatures towering tremendously, governments as corrupt, and xenophobic behavior as popularly distributed as ever before, student delegations from around the world are aiming to change the world.

On Friday, March 17, the three-day '˜Global Citizenship In A Changing World' summit will take place in the city of Lima, Peru. The summit will be hosted by Educational Tours, a Bostonian subdivision of the larger Education First, an international company which aims to educate young individuals through language and travel education. This summit is composed almost entirely of students from the United States with an accompanied international influence.

From a local standpoint, a delegation of six students from the Peruvian-American school Colegio Roosevelt will be present at the summit. These individuals were chosen to attend the summit through a scholarship due to their proven cognizance regarding issues of global significance and their ability to demonstrate efforts to mitigate such issues in a local and global context. The international students present at the conference will act as global citizens in order to analyze the manner in which diverse areas of the developing world are facing global issues and, likewise, how they are able to adapt alongside the occurrences of globalization. Global citizenship carefully translates to both the ability and willingness to act with integrity as a citizen of this planet and create responsible solutions capable of providing benefits for our natural world and its inhabitants with a mutual benefit to our innovative technological world.

This EF conference allows students to acquire undiscovered information on global citizenship and grow tremendously as social and academic individuals. All of those whom attend such a conference should be recognized for their efforts to create an unprejudiced developing world, whether it be by simply using their voices to express opinions or by associating the presented issue with a variety of tyrannic injustices in order to culminate a solution with significant power in regards to more than solely the challenge be presented to them.

As this subgroup carries both a force and tenderness in their actions when speaking of global challenges, the youth is commonly apprehended and incorporated in a variety of innovative conferences. These young individuals should be an inspiration to the general public, as they recognize that the first way to change the world may be by changing your perception.

Each year, the summit incorporates intellectual keynote speakers in order to allow for knowledge distribution from individuals who have demonstrated their innovative leadership through a variety of diverse platforms. Past keynote speakers have been as notable as Jane Goodall, Al Gore and Sir Ken Robinson in magnificent locations, such as sustainable Costa Rica and economically established Davos. This year's influential keynotes will include Dr. Wade Davis, a Canadian anthropologist and photographer who previously worked as a National Geographic Society [NGS] Explorer and was named as one of the '˜Explorers of the Millennium' by the NGS. Dr. Wade Davis has worked previously in Peru with indigenous cultures as well as significantly diverse areas of the world such as Borneo and Mali. Another keynote speaker, who situates his focus on areas of diversity and inclusion, is Dr. Derrick Gay, an internationally commended consultant for humanitarian, artistic and educational means of global citizenship. Dr. Derrick Gay consults a variety of audiences, primarily students, to aid them into becoming intellectual leaders that value and incorporate inclusivity and empathetic methodology into their actions. To conclude this mentally stimulating summit, the final keynote speaker will be Dee-Dee Trotter, the esteemed American Olympic gold medal track athlete and EF Olympics Ambassador.

EF Educational Tours offers the students attending the summit an immersive tour which includes some of the most culturally diverse areas of Peru, including Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon Rainforest, as well as the Sacred Valley, Urubamba and Machu Picchu. The tours will introduce the students to cultures extensively diverse from their own, allowing these young adults to obtain a diverse perspective on the effect that global issues inflict on developing areas. Following this magnificently cultural touring experience, the students will be attending the interactive summit which will allow them to apprehend the knowledge they have adopted during their tour and implement it into solving an authentic global challenge. Based on provoking empowerment within the youth voice and action, the EF ‘Global Citizenship in A Changing World’ summit unifies determined young citizens of our world in order to truly alter the course of the universe.

An intellectually and creatively demanding experience, the summit will act to broaden these students' mindsets and will further develop problem solvers for the future. By the end of the conference, the students will have ideally attained extensive leadership and communication skills, and will develop design thinking skills, a methodology often featured in the techniques of esteemed companies such as Google and Apple. The result of their intensive analysis of the given challenge should be a variety of authentically tangible solutions that may be implemented in the real world.
The diverse delegations of students that form part of the conference will learn the aspects and skills required to comprehend global citizenship in the modern economy and how to mutually value cultural traditions throughout the world for future generations. These inspiring individuals will discover the interconnectivity of the world and will design creative solutions which are sustainable for communities of diverse economic classes and established cultures that may be endangered due to increasing globalization. The drive and determination within the environment of these summits is extensively kindled on empowering these students to exercise actions of global citizenship in order to become empowered individuals that lead the world into a sustainable, unprejudiced future.

The location of these summits directly correlates to the vitality with which the given challenge establishes itself in a certain condition, Peru being a 'œchanging world.' This summit aspires to empower young individuals to take action in the present moment in order to conduct the world of tomorrow in a sustainable and culturally integrated manner. Through experimentation and collaborative methods of learning, the students will retain the knowledge necessary to become problem mitigators in the real world as issues of climate change and social injustice arise all over the world.

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page here.