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Businesswomen shine in Pacific Alliance Forum


The Peruvian Commission for the Promotion of Export and Tourism (*PromPeru*) announced the meeting for Leading Businesswomen of the *Alliance of the Pacific 2016* that was held yesterday, November 28, in Lima.

The ceremony had the attendance of the Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Ana María Romero-Lozada, and the President of the Peruvian Chapter of the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance (*CEAP*), Juan Varilias Velasquez.

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More than *200 business meetings* were held during the event, joining entrepreneurs from various sectors like: fresh food, processed goods, organic and gourmet products, as well as baby and children’s clothing, cotton confections, costume jewelry, among other things.

The *Peruvian products* on display included maca, quinoa, chia, beverages prepared from these superfoods, Andean grains, organic chocolates, berries, mango, coffee and handicrafts.

The forum also had *five intuitive workshops* for women entrepreneurs, discussing topics related to women’s leadership, entrepreneurship and more.
More than 200 business meetings were held during the event, joining female entrepreneurs across various sectors from different countries.