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translated by Wolfy Becker
(original German text by Mathias Thurm, Die Welt)

Iglesia La Ermita in Barranco, Lima

enlargeIglesia La Ermita in Barranco, Lima
(Photo: elmorsa, at Flickr)

In the "Barrio Barranco" people are realizing the extreme social opposites existing in Peru’s capital from a relaxed and friendly side.

Through the eyes of Peruvian writer Sebastián Salazar Bondy, Lima was "La horrible". The verdict of his colleague Mario Vargas Llosa, who owns a luxury apartment with ocean view in Lima’s upper-class district of Miraflores, is also anything else but flattering: "If you live in Lima, you either have to get used to adversity or dirt, otherwise you’ll turn crazy or commit suicide."

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