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The city of Chan Chan had an estimated population of 35,000 between 1100 and 1300 AD.

By Andrew Kolasinski

Ten minutes outside Peru’s northern city of Trujillo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose scale staggers the imagination. Chan Chan, the ancient adobe city of the Chimu culture is simply immense, covering almost 5,000 acres.

The site, the capital of Peru’s biggest pre-Inca empire is the world’s largest adobe structure.

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Travel to Mancora, Peru
A view from the Grand Mar hotel in Mancora, Peru. See slide show.

By Carsten Korch

The idea about kidnapping my wife to have a weekend to ourselves for the first time in 10 years started when I received an offer from Groupon to stay at the Grand Mar hotel in Mancora with a 50% discount for three days, two night for S/. 280, including breakfast. Great deal!

I checked the airfares to go in March and learned that I could get two roundtrip airfares for only $220. After that, all I needed to do was book everything and convince my wife it was about time to leave our sons and spend some quality time together. So I did.

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A moche painting at Huaca de la Luna.

By Daniel Baylis

Trujillo has been coined “The land of eternal spring.” That’s because the general climate of the region is delightful – warm and sunny nearly every day of the year.

Home to great food, friendly people, world-recognized archeological sites and a dance style all of its own, Trujillo is oftenoverlooked as travelers’ are hypnotized by Peru’s glamorous mainattraction. The Inca ruins of Machu Piccu are unarguably a “must do” while in Peru, but if you’re ready to jump off the worn-out travelers’ circuit, a good place to start is Trujillo.

Here are ten things to doon your first visit to Trujillo.

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lima, peru beach map
See a map of Lima beaches below. On the left: El Silencio beach.

By Dyana Gonzales

The beaches south of Lima are among the most popular summer vacation spots for anyone looking for relaxation and recreation. The following ten beaches provide everything from crystalline waters, world-class surfing waves, scores of cevicherias, vibrant nightlife and noteworthy sunsets.

Peruvian beaches 0

You won’t find foreign tourists at Pozo de Lizas in Peru’s southern region of Moquegua. But Pozo de Lizas boasts a long sandy stretch, no rocks and great waves. (Photo by Pierro Sánchez Torres)  See slide show: Beaches and port charm in Ilo

By Nathan Paluck

Along Peru’s 1,900 miles of Pacific coast, the spotlight centers on the beaches of the far north and just south of Lima. Luxury bungalows of Máncora, the surf haven of Chicama, and the Lima summer getaways like Punta Hermosa are the beach kings.

Travelers looking to discover off-the-beat treasures, however, should look farther south to the regions of Arequipa and Moquegua.

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