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Squirrel monkey. All photos by author. 

By David Dudenhoefer

Ox-bow lakes crowded by exuberant foliage, multicolored macaws squawking in the treetops, squirrel monkeys skittering along branches – the Tambopata National Reserve, in the Madre de Dios region, brims with such varied and abundant wildlife that it’s easy to forget how many of its species are threatened. Yet the region’s spectacular biodiversity faces pressure from mining, hunting, deforestation and even poorly managed tourism.

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An ecolodge in Tambopata

By Iñigo Maneiro/El Comercio
Translated by Susana Aguirre

Nearby Puerto Maldonado you’ll find several initiatives that have recovered parts of the Amazon jungle to offer them as travel experiences.

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Cruising a river in Peru’s Amazon. (Photos by Andreas Vailakis) See slide show.

By Sonia Kandathil

There are times when mothers have HAD-IT-UP-TO-HERE with screaming children, with dinners where half the food ends up on the floor, and with terrible twos tantrums that seem to occur out of the blue at the most inconvenient times and places (example: Jockey plaza when we said “no” to a balloon). So just when I was about to throw in the towel and go on a two day strike, Peruvian style, I received an invitation from Rainforest Expeditions to review their 5 Day, 4 night trip to the Tambopata Nature Reserve in Puerto Maldonado sans children.