Was the Larcomar fire provoked?


The fire that took place in a UVK cinema at the *Larcomar* shopping center and claimed the lives of four employees this past November is now claimed to have been started * by an outside agent *, and not because of a short circuit, as was originally reported.

A little less than a month and a half since the fire, sources from the National Police confirmed to _El Comercio_ the results from the forensic engineering report.

The report was forwarded to the State Security Specialist Office to investigate *who was responsible* for starting the fire at Larcomar. They will need to determine whether it occurred accidentally or intentionally.

p=. Suspect emerges from Larcomar fire (Video)

Days after the accident the officials sent a press release warning that the fire had been provoked. This information was accompanied by a *video* where a person is seen leaving the premises of the cinema, suspiciously.

The man from the video, *Luis Raúl Salazar Belito*, appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office to render his statement hours after Police offered a reward for information on his whereabouts. However, he denied involvement in the fire.

Investigators claim there is evidence to suggest it was caused by an outside agent.