Chilcano Week 2017: Where to go for a refreshing drink


Natasha Clay

Beginning today, Chilcano Week is a sure way to keep your summer cool. Here are some of our top picks in Lima.

Peru is getting ready for this year’s Chilcano Week (January 12-19), and so should you. We have compiled a list of some locations around Lima that will be celebrating this refreshing drink for the next seven days.

1. The Westin Hotel & Convention Center will be hosting this year’s Chilcano Fest. A bit late to the game, the hotel will celebrate January 20 and 21, offering you chilcanos made with some of the best Peruvian piscos.

Address: Las Begonias 450, San Isidro

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2. Starting January 12, you can enjoy chilcano promotions at the Tintaya Resto-Bar. They will be offrering a “chilcano bracelet” that will allow you to enjoy all the chilcanos you want for a one time purchase of S/ 50. If you’re not up to drinking all you can, all week and then some (January 12-24) you can order any type of chilcano for a 2 x S/ 25 deal.

Address: Jr. Ica 240, Lima

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3. ArtDeco Bar will be offering a variety of chilcanos macerated with 24 different types of exotic and refreshing fruits with unique combinations. Their promotions include 2×1 in all chilcanos at S/ 25 from 6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., and 2 chilcanos and tequeños at S/ 40 from 6 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Address: Calle Manuel Bonilla 227, Miraflores

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4. El Gran Combo will be offering Chilcano Iqueño with pisco Tres Generaciones, Chilcano Characato with pisco Torre de la Gala and Chilcano del Cholo with pisco Cholo Matí­as each at a price of S/ 20. Not sure what the difference is? Neither are we, so you’ll just have to do a little friendly research.

Address: Calle Bonilla 113, Miraflores

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5. Make room for some good ol’ Peruvian food at Wakatay Restaurant, but don’t fill up too much as they will also be offering 2×1 on chilcanos.

Address: Av. Benavides 5156, Surco

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6. Last but not least, beat the heat in Barranco’s El Tizí³n with two chilcanos for only S/ 18 starting everyday from January 12-21.

Address: Av. Nicolí¡s de Piérola 148, Barranco

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