Where to celebrate Pisco Sour Day in Peru and beyond


Agnes Rivera

It may be National Pisco Sour Day this Saturday, but borders don’t have to keep you from celebrating the Peruvian cocktail.

As tradition follows, every first Saturday of February, Peru celebrates its national cocktail the Pisco Sour. Shaken or blended you make your choice, but there’s not denying the satisfying quench delivered by this citrusy drink (especially during a summer like this year’s).

While cities throughout the Andean nation will be tipping their hats and throwing back a few keros of Pisco Sour, the national drink has gained an international appeal that also needs to be satisfied. Check out these events in Peru and beyond to make sure you celebrate right this weekend. It’s already a given to celebrate responsibly.

How does Mario Vargas Llosa take his Pisco Sour? Pisco producers from the White City will set up shop this Saturday in the local cultural center named after the Peruvian author. Tastings, live music and typical dance performances will take place during the two-day event. Entrance is free.
Feb. 4-5, Palacio Metropolitano de Bellas Artes Mario Vargas Llosa

This might be slightly prejudice, but we have to pat ourselves (and event partners Internations) on the back for throwing a great Pisco bash year after year. Check out 2017’s Expat Pisco Sour Competition to witness a few expats do what they think they do best in the fight for the best classic Pisco Sour. Feeling lucky? There’s still time to dust off your shaker and prove your skills, just send your name to editor@livinginperu.com to become a participant.
Feb. 4 at 4 p.m. at Caplina Restaurant, Miraflores. For more information click here.

Is London trying to out-Pisco Peru? The hopping English city is just getting started this Saturday, as February 4 marks the beginning of their Pisco Sour Week. Thirty-two venues participated in last year’s edition (including Martin Morales’ Andina and Ceviche UK restaurants) and this year is already counting with newcomers like the restaurant Lima from Virgilio Martinez. Parties and specials will run all week in some of the best London neighborhoods.
Feb. 4- 10. For more information click here.

Hankering for a Pisco Sour and can’t wait until Saturday? Northwestern Peru’s Trujillo city is obviously in summer mode as their Pisco celebrations kick off today (February 1) and will carry on for the rest of the work (or relax) week, wrapping up on Saturday. The first two days will consist of conferences regarding gastronomy and the national drink, held at Casa de Identidad de Trujillo (5 p.m. – 7 p.m.). Drink or dance first? The order is up to you, as Marinera season carries on this Friday when dancing pairs will fill the plaza La Merced along with a Pisco Sour tasting. Forty stands will fill Mall Aventura Plaza on the last day of events (Saturday, 11 a.m.), offering up tastings of Pisco Sour and regional food.
Feb. 1-4, refer to article for times and locations.

So how will you celebrate this Saturday?

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