Restaurant review: Taller Razeto

Enjoy a quiet lunch or romantic dinner in the garden of this quaint Italian restaurant in lovely La Punta.

Living in La Punta on this serene peninsula for almost the past 10 years has its perks: peace, tranquility, no traffic, friendly people, relatively no crime, fresh air, beautiful ocean views and plenty of fresh seafood. The majority of our restaurants here in La Punta are seafood-focused. About seven months ago, we saw the opening of a charming, family-owned restaurant venture that has added a new spot to enjoy artisanal and homemade Italian cuisine at Taller Razeto.

The restaurant is situated on the grounds of the long-standing family home of Leo de Izcue and Manuel Razeto. Their three-story home, located on the popular beach front in La Punta on Cantalao, is charming, intimate, cozy and just what our little town needed.

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Leo de Izcue, the founder and main chef of Taller Razeto, wanted to share the passion and the traditional Italian recipes that were passed down to her from her mother-in-law, Ivonne Razeto. The Razeto family had a successful restaurant in the Tacna area for several years where Leo worked. At Taller Razeto, the chef and her personable staff focus on the elaboration of homemade, artisanal dishes, using fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional Italian recipes as well as recipes that Leo herself has created.

You have the option of dining “al fresco” in the garden patio surrounded by various potted plants and flowers as well as the natural vegetation. There are approximately four to five tables in the garden area where you can enjoy fresh air and a semi-private view of the sea. Once the sun sets, Taller Razeto offers a romantic vibe with candles and muted lighting.

(Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

You also have the option of sitting inside beside the open-kitchen concept area where you can observe pizzas being prepared, lasagnas and desserts coming in and out of the oven, and the kitchen life in general.

The menu at Taller Razeto is not large and truly does not need to be in this quaint locale. This is part of the charm of the restaurant. The menu has approximately 27 items (starters, piqueos for sharing, pizzas, pasta dishes, salads and desserts). Occasionally new menu items are added to the regular menu.

As you sit down to dine at Taller Razeto, you always receive a large carafe of filtered water with sliced fruit before you order. We began our dining experience this day with the antipasto platter (S/ 60) which was a generous array of vegetables: caprese (sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil), green and black olives, garlic cloves, eggplant, mushrooms, bell peppers, anchovies and capers, all of which were marinated and slightly pickled. This is easily shared between several people.

(Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

We also sampled the piqueo de pesto (S/ 40), a wonderful hot dip comprised of mozzarella, cream cheese, Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, walnuts and pesto, accompanied by homemade focaccia for dipping.

I am a big fan of the artisanal pizzas at Taller Razeto, of which there are six different varieties. The day of our visit we sampled the jamí³n y peperonatta pizza (S/ 50). This was the first time I had tried this version and it is quite possibly my new favorite. Generous slices of ham and roasted semi-sweet red bell pepper, tomato sauce and mozzarella make for the perfect combination. If you enjoy bell peppers, I highly recommend this pizza. All of the pizzas are prepared fresh and “made to order” on the spot using a professional, high-quality pizza oven.

Jamí³n y peperonatta pizza, top, and the ensalada con Camembert gratinado, bottom (Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

Taller Razeto has two salads on their menu, both of which are generous in size and could be shared by two people. The day of our visit we sampled the ensalada con Camembert gratinado (S/ 25). The combination of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, sliced strawberries, toasted Camembert cheese, watercress, arugula and walnuts drizzled in a light balsamic vinaigrette is filling and delicious.

On to the pasta dishes at Taller Razeto. The menu has four different artisanal lasagnas, two malfattis and one polenta dish. I have eaten all of the lasagna varieties previously, which are quite good. All of the pasta dishes listed on their menu are accompanied by a side salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and walnuts. The day of our visit we shared the malfatti gratinados (S/ 26) and the polenta (S/ 25).

The homemade malfatti at Taller Razeto are reminiscent of flavorful gnocchi-like morsels with rustic charm. These dumplings are comprised of a large amount of spinach along with ricotta cheese, egg and Parmesan. A very small amount of flour is used to hold this irregular-shaped dumpling together. A hint of nutmeg can also be tasted in this malfatti.

Served with a bolognese meat sauce, the polenta became the star of our lunch. The recipe is one passed down from a grandmother. After the coarse ground cornmeal has been prepared, the homemade meat sauce is incorporated into the polenta, Parmesan cheese is added and all of it goes into the oven. The result was an incredible baked creamy and rich dish. Comfort food at its best!

Polenta, top, and panna cotta with fresh berries, bottom (Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

I must admit I have sampled all five of the desserts served at Taller Razeto in the past few months. The day of our visit, we shared the panna cotta (S/ 16) and the crocante de manzana (S/ 14). The panna cotta is a sweetened cream which has been thickened with gelatin and then molded. Sometimes the cream has been infused with vanilla or liqueur. Typically served cold, this dessert is perfect for the summer weather! The version served at Taller Razeto is excellent and topped off with an abundance of seasonal berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) and drizzled with a berry coulis.

The crocante de manzana (apple crumble) is incredible. Razeto’s version is rustic and sweet, slightly salty and comforting. It is served with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a decadent caramel sauce.

I must also mention the torta de chocolate at Taller Razeto. I don’t typically order chocolate cake, but their version, served gooey, moist and with an extra drizzle of chocolate, is spectacular. The day I shared this it was accompanied by their homemade brownie ice cream.

Besides the restaurant menu, Taller Razeto also sells full portions of their lasagnas (six servings, S/ 100-110), malfatti (four servings, S/ 60-70), pastel de queso (S/ 60), piqueo de pesto (S/ 75) and entire desserts (S/ 60-115).

Taller Razeto has become a popular place for families and couples alike. Really not a surprise with all the personal touches, quality of food, and the friendly atmosphere.

Please note: during the summer months here in La Punta there is a steady flow of people who come to visit the beaches. Monday through Friday it is relatively more peaceful. During the weekends the crowds can easily double or triple in number. You may want to keep this information in mind when coming to La Punta. During the non-summer months, La Punta is a totally different, peaceful little town.

Taller Razeto
Jr. Garcí­a y Garcia 555
La Punta
Phone: 635-3890
962 338 757
Limited seating
Reservations accepted

Hours: Wednesday/Thursday: 1:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
Friday/Saturday: 1:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Starters: S/ 14-16
Starters to share: S/ 16-60
Lasagna & Pasta: S/ 26-28
Pizza: S/ 45-50
Salads: S/ 22-25
Desserts: S/ 14-18
Wine: S/ 16 (by the glass)
S/ 40 (small bottle)
S/ 70 (large bottle)
Beer: S/ 9
Water/Soda/Coffee/Infusion: S/ 5-10

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