The Perfect Pisco Sour: Part 2


Hans Hilburg

Are you more of a 3-1-1-1 or a 4-1-1-1 Pisco Sour enthusiast? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s time to read up on the importance of technique and measurements.

Last week, Hans gave us some guidelines as far as ingredients used when making a Pisco Sour – excuse us, the perfect Pisco Sour. While you may think that once you’ve done the grocery shopping the only thing left to do is throw everything in the shaker (or blender, should you choose to do so), however the methods and technique used will all play an important role in pleasing your guests. And so, we begin with Part 2 of the Perfect Pisco Sour…

MEASURE: The measurements will vary with the taste of each person. Personally, I think you can't miss with a 3-1-1-1 formula; that is to say, 3 ounces of Quebranta Pisco, 1 ounce of lemon juice, 1 ounce of simple syrup and 1 ounce of egg white. And if you want something a bit more intense, try the 4-1-1-1 formula, which I find spectacular.

If you want it dry, don’t add more Pisco, but rather put a bit less simple syrup. And if you want it a bit sweeter, put in a touch more simple syrup.

The Perfect Pisco Sour: Part 1

METHOD: The right way is to use a shaker, because that is where the hand of the master comes into play. But the blender is also a good option, especially if you have to make numerous Pisco Sours at t he same time.

GLASSWARE: The Pisco Sour glass should be 12 oz and must be very cold so that the mix will be even at the time of serving. Just like in the kitchen when you serve something hot, the plate must also be hot and vice versa: when serving something cold the plate (or recipient) must also be cold. Serving a Pisco Sour in a glass that is not chilled will definitely detract from and unbalance the combination.

Generally we will use a whiskey glass or a classic 'œkero' glass.

THE HAND OF THE MIXOLOGIST: Everything we have outlined above is worthless if at the time we are making our cocktail we don't have the sincere desire and the passion to do it right. We will never achieve anything if we do it with apathy and indifference. The ‘hand of the mixologist’ comes from the heart, from the joy of doing what we love most.

In the end, if we put all of these elements together, we will guarantee the Perfect Pisco Sour!

Live Pisco, Know Pisco, Enjoy Pisco

Next month, Peru will celebrate the National Pisco Sour Day on February 4. In honor of that day, Living in Peru will host an Expat Pisco Sour Contest in Caplina (Miraflores) that very Saturday at 4 p.m. For more information contact us at or visit the event page on Facebook.

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