Two great Piscos

Pure Italia Pisco from Qollqe.

The Lima-based Association of Independent Pisco Tasters evaluate piscos every month. Here, Lucero Villagarcia de Bedoya and Livio Pastorino present the results of two of the best piscos around.

Pure Italia Pisco from Qollqe – 2009

Nose: Intense and sweet aromas will spring forth reminiscent of mandarins, sweet limes, lemons, grapefruit, lemon grass, chamomile, green apple and a hint of rose petals.

Mouth: It enters the mouth warm and has a mellow feel. With delicate flavors of lemon, sweet lime, lemon grass, raisins and lemon balm. Long in persistence. Serve yourself a glass and let this Pisco seduce you with its absolutely incomparable aromas and flavors.

Try it in cocktails or straight up or combine with citric desserts, like a lemon pie or a passion fruit semifredo.

Negra Criolla Pisco from De Carral.

Pure Negra Criolla Pisco from De Carral – 2008

Nose: The first sensation you are going to encounter is delicious green apple followed by banana, peach, fruit compote, sweet lime and citrus.

Mouth: It enters the mouth with some charming touches of apple, banana, peach, lime and pecans.

This is a very balanced Pisco expressive and charming with delicious aromas and flavors. Enjoy it in cocktails, straight up or combine with apple pie or cinnamon rolls among others.