Latin America has mixed feelings about Catholic doctrine


A survey commissioned by Univision asked Latin American Catholics about their opinions on Church doctrine and of Pope Francis, and the results are mixed.

As Pope Francis is an Argentine national by birth, it is perhaps unsurprising that 96% of Argentine Catholics approve of the work he has done so far in his role as head of the Church. Similarly high figures are seen in Brazil, where the pope has a 91% approval rating among Catholics.

According to the survey, Mexico was the Latin American outlier, where only 70% of Catholics said that they thought Pope Francis’s work so far had been “excellent” or “good.” A full 23% said that they thought that his work had been only “mediocre.”

In the United States, 89% of Catholics said they approved of Francis’s work so far; 3% described it as “mediocre” or “poor,” and 8% did not respond.

The survey also asked about Church doctrine surrounding social issues. 93% of Brazilian Catholics support the use of birth control in spite of Vatican prohibitions on artificial birth control technologies. 91% of Argentine Catholics said the same, as did 91% and 88% of Colombian and Mexican Catholics.

Brazil and Argentina also showed the highest support for gay marriage in Latin America, with 45% and 46% indicating support for same-sex marriages, respectively.

To see all the topics covered by the Univision survey, click here New survey shows that Latin American Catholics generally approve of Pope Francis but their opinions on church doctrine vary by country.

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