Got fireworks? (MAP)


Looking forward to or looking to avoid fireworks this New Year’s Eve?

The National Control Service of Arms and Explosives for Civil Use (*Sucamec*) released the exact location of the *16 authorized pyrotechnic fairs* that have been set up this year.

On the map you can see that most of the fairs are located in the northern part of Lima.

_(Map: Sucamec)_

These locations are spaces where *authorized* and trained traders are able to sell pyrotechnics after receiving the approval of Sucamec.

Sucamec, the institution in charge of approving the sale of pyrotechnics, recently launched a *mobile application* that includes a map to visualize where the fairs are and how you can reach any of them.

This tool also includes a tab in which you can *report* unauthorized pyrotechnic points of sale.
Find where the 16 authorized fairs of pyrotechnics are located around the city.