Two alpacas and a llama go to a protest

Agnes Rivera

No joke: These native Peruvian animals took part in a Washington, D.C. protest against Donald Trump’s inauguration as the next US President.

Ethan Abbott has a unique style of protesting.

When Abbott arrived to a Washington, D.C. protest against Donald Trump’s inauguration, he came prepared for, well, we’re not sure exactly what. But the farmer brought his two alpacas and a llama along for the eventful day.

According to Buzzfeed, Abbott brought the native Peruvian grazers as a way to remind people ‘œwe need to take back our farms and our food.’ He also noted that the animals enjoy a good march, in fact, “they do it a lot.”

We’re not really sure if it goes against regulation, but Abbott managed to get his farm animals on the metro in order to bring them to the protest. “This dude brought his llama to the inauguration via the subway and it’s making my day,” tweeted Buzzfeed reporter Jane Lytvynenko.

And if you though alpacas and llamas couldn’t get any cuter, wait till you hear the names Abbott has given his: Thaddeus, Shay, and Tragically Cute.

To see more photos and videos of the farmer and his fluffy friends, click here.

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