Peru World’s Number 2 Cocoa Producer, Main Exports to Switzerland

(LIP-ir) — Cocoa is produced in several regions in Peru, regions such as Tumbes, Piura, Cajamarca, Amazonas, San Martín, Huanuco, Ucayali, Junín, Cusco y Ayacucho.

Peru’s Promotion Commission for Exportation and Tourism (PromPeru) recently released the commercial report for cocoa in Peru.

In its report PromPeru stated that in 2006, the value of Peruvian cocoa bean exports reached US$ 4.3 million, registering a growth rate of about 114% when compared to the previous year.

The exportation of cocoa beans has increased immensely in the past years. This can be seen when comparing previous years to the present.

The volume of Peruvian Cocoa beans exported in 2006, was 2,649 tons, that registered a growth of 132 % compared to the previous year. In the period 2001-2006, the growth of the exported volume was about 138% per year, on average.

The main countries Peru’s cocoa beans are exported to are Switzerland and Belgium. They accounted for 67.36% of exports in 2006.

Organic Cocoa from Peru

In 2006, the exports of organic Cocoa from Peru amounted to US$ 3.94 million. Out of these exports, 52.28% were beans and 47.72 % were derivative products.

This year, the exports of organic Cocoa beans from Peru amount to 977.33 tons with a value of US$ 2.06 million.

Between January-July 2007, exports registered an amount of over 870 tons for a value of US$ 2.5 million. This has placed Peru as the second world producer of organic Cocoa after the Dominican Republic.

The main destination country of Peruvian exports of organic Cocoa beans is Switzerland. More than 70% of the Cocoa exports is concentrated in this country.

The quality of the Peruvian bean and the expensive prices in Venezuela and Ecuador have led the industry to consider Peru’s Cocoa (organic and fair trade). As a consequence, prices were improved and have reached an average of US$ 3,000 per ton.