5 Unique Museums to See in Lima (Photos)

Hidden gems to see in and around Lima this coming Thursday, May 18 for International Museum Day.

Hidden gems to see in and around Lima this coming Thursday, May 18 for International Museum Day.

1.Larco Museum
The Larco Museum has a stunning private collection of artifacts that brings to life Peru’s cultural past. It also boasts the largest collection of Pre-Colombian ceramics in the world and one can spend hours on this section alone.

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(Photo: Mike Dreckschmidt/Living in Peru)

2. Art Museum of Lima (MALI)
The Art Museum of Lima has a large collection of art spanning 3,000 years of Peruvian History through the modern era. Entrance is FREE on International Museum Day and there are a number of other events and expositions planned for the entire week through May 21st.

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3. Museum of Natural History
A unique museum that is run by the University of San Marcos, the oldest university in all of the Americas, one can see a large collection of specimens from Peru’s past and present. This is a great choice for anyone who is interested in ecology/biology/any of the natural sciences. Entrance fee is two tickets for the price of one on International Museum Day.

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4. Real Felipe Fortress
A castle in the beautiful area of ‘œLa Punta’, located in Callao and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, that has a ton of artifacts from Peru’s past. Those who enjoy military history will revel at the collection in this museum while others may enjoy the stroll along the boardwalk or the tasty ceviches that can be found nearby.

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5. Cemetery Presbyterian Master Museum
Open for a visit on International Museum Day for only S/8! Mausoleums and gravestones are some of the most telling and interesting historical artifacts and the largest cemetery of Lima is no exception. This Friday and Saturday will feature nocturnal visits at a slightly higher entrance fee for those who prefer a spookier ambiance and a limited time experience that is not always offered at this museum.

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