Together for Peru


Ana Gamero

In difficult times, any help is highly valued. How can you volunteer or donate?

As we might all have seen so far, mother nature is leaving behind a catastrophe in Peru. As of this point we are suffering the loss of 72 persons, 72+ thousand homeless, and over half a million people affected in total, let alone the massive destruction of infrastructure.

Donation centers are working along with NGO’s to take items to the affected population. Have a look at our article to see where to donate:
#PrayForPeru: Come together to help the victims

Do you want to be directly involved? Find out your closest volunteer center here .

Peruvians and the rest of the world are also coming together to help Peru to alleviate the effect of the recent natural disasters.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that the best way to help the country from abroad is through the Peruvian Embassies and Consulates around the world. Therefore, the Peruvian Consulates will open accounts abroad for monetary donations. Thess donations will then be transferred to the National Civil Defense Institute in Peru.

While this is taking place, some NGOs are also fundraising money online. Peru needs your Help!

Any support you can offer would be much appreciated!

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