Archeological Pieces Were Returned to Peru


A U.S citizen contacted Lord of Sipan museum to return archaeological pieces that were acquired on the black market. How did this happen?

The director of the Lord of Sipan Royal Tombs Museum Walter Alva received 10 metal pieces that were handed over by a U.S citizen Charles Llewellyn who recently visited the Lambayeque’s archaeological site three months ago.

During his visit Llewellyn explained to Alva that he acquired the pieces from an archeological dealer 28 years ago in Lima. Back then, Llewellyn’s first intention was to return the pieces to Peru but he didn't until now.

The 10 valuable pieces belonged to the Mochica and Lambayeque culture and were delivered to the Lord of Sipan Tombs Museum. As reported by Andina, 9 of them were owl heads that dated back 1,300 to 1,400 years and 1 was an ornament copper disc that is 700 years old.

Alva told RPP that the significance of the pieces are invaluable for Peru as they represent religious items that were used in worship ceremonies. He added that such pieces could have belonged to an important icon of the Lambayeque’s culture.



Ana Gamero