Five days of cultural shows, starting today! Have you got your ticket? Today is a 2×1 sale for teachers and foreign citizens. ART LIMA is the first *International Art Fair in Lima*. There are 38 national and foreign artists ready to show their talent, coming from 16 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, France, Holland, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the USA. *Tickets cost S/. 10 for students and retirees*.

ART LIMA activities

The main showroom will hold stands of national and foreign galleries.

International Project: It presents the exhibition called _Fuera de Sitio_ (Out of place) it is led by the Spanish curator *Octavio Zaya* who brings together the work of *8 international artists*.

National Project: It is led by *Jorge Villacorta and Carlo Trivelli* who feature _El Territorio_ (The Territory) which presents Peru’s areas and neighborhoods. It gathers 20 Peruvian artists.

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