BBC delves into Peruvian guinea pig industry


Ana Gamero

The world-famous English newspaper refers to the 'œcuy' as a delicacy that can boost the Peruvian farming industry. Do you agree? Have you tried guinea pig?

Guinea pigs or cuy are considered as pets by some, and its consumption even seen as taboo in some cultures. Even so, the BBC has released an article titled, Guinea pigs: A popular Peruvian delicacy, where it states that the popularity of the animal has taken off, resulting in a boom of guinea pig farming.

The article claims that most Peruvians consume this particular dish and that there are many restaurants in Peru that promote the animal as a main dish, marketed especially to tourists and expats. As a result, farmers produce guinea pigs on a much larger scale now.

While it’s fair to admit that cuy is a very popular dish in certain regions of Peru, there are many Peruvians and residents of Peru who see it as an exotic dish. There might be some barriers to overcome in the market.

The English newspaper presents examples of Peruvian farmers who have just started and now they supply local high-end restaurants. Some of them are even looking to enter the U.S. market. The author of the article could have overlooked the fact that there are many producers now and it would be too quick to state that the guinea pigs production could be 'œa way out of poverty'.

Do you think that Peru’s most popular dish could one day be based on guinea pig meat? Do you like the taste?

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