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Ana Gamero

An NGO is transforming Lima into a green and recreational capital! What is this about?

Ocupa tu Calle which means occupy your street, was born right after the Climate Change Conference in Peru (COP 20) that took place in Lima two years ago. Ocupa tu Calle's mission is to reclaim and revitalize public spaces as places to gather and build community, as well as a tool to improve public safety and reduce health risks, particularly in areas on the outskirts of the city.

Ocupa tu Calle also wants to educate people and make them conscious of their neighborhood areas. “People are not used to occupying public spaces,” Lucí­a Nogales, architect and Ocupa tu Calle coordinator, told Devex. “And they are not used to taking care of them. This is what we are trying to change.”

This initiative would allow for green spaces in parts of the city that were previously abandoned and provide a place for recreation, enjoyment and a sense of belonging in the neighborhood.

How do they do it? After doing research in the area and listening to citizen’s requests, Ocupa tu Calle partnered with local NGOs and local governments to facilitate the reclaiming of public spaces.

An example of Ocupa tu Calle intervention is the transformation of the San Juan de Lurigancho neighborhood where now, there are more green spaces and parks. Likewise, they modified an illegal parking lot into a children's playground.

Would you like to see where else Ocupa tu Calle is transforming places?
Check out their website: Ocupa tu Calle

_ Taking back the streets of Lima (Video: Youtube/ Devex)_

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