UK Researchers to Preserve Peru’s Dolphins and Manatees


Researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK work with Peruvians to help the Amazon conservation. What do you think?

Researchers from around the world are putting more effort on preserving the planet’s flora and fauna. This is the case of researchers from the Exeter University that developed a new legislation that protects river dolphins and Amazonian manatees in Peru. The project was supported by Peruvian officials.

This was successful due to the cooperation of the UK government, which funded the project through its scheme called the Darwin initiative which aims to protect the world’s biodiversity.

What is the new law about? The new law aims to protect both dolphins and manatees found in the Amazon and control their habitats by creating a more formal management system.

With this law, Peru has joined other countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador that have already implemented measures to protect their natural resources. As reported by Eurekealert, the work was conducted by the Peruvian government and supported by WWF Peru.

Exeter researcher Elizabeth Campbell said to Eurekealert: “we are delighted to have been a part of the development of this law, and are excited to see the plan in full implementation”. Similarly, her colleague Brendan Godley believes that implementation will “reduce threats that dolphins and manatees face in the Amazon.”

It is great to see that researchers from Peru and abroad are joining forces to protect Peru’s biodiversity.



Ana Gamero