Ficuar archaeological complex in northern Peru destroyed


The identity of the vandals is unknown; sources report that up to 60 percent of the archaeological site may be damaged. The town of Olmos in the northern region of Lambayeque in Peru is saddened and bewildered after large swaths of the local Ficuar archaeological complex were destroyed by unknown parties.

Andina news agency reports that the site is 800 to 900 years old. Archaeologist Juan Ugáz Moro told Andina that the areas of the destroyed included platforms that may have been used as an administration area and patio.

According to Andina, 5,000 square meters of the Ficuar complex were destroyed, representing about 60 percent of the site’s total area.

“This space is a control center for everything, particularly in terms of agriculture and irrigation,” Ugáz told RPP Noticias. Andina writes that the platforms were about three meters high.

“We have to band together to preserve, promote, and protect our cultural-historical heritage,” said Ugáz.

“We here in Olmos are in mourning for that’s happened. Whoever attacked our cultural legacy should be punished with the full weight of the law,” Olmos mayor Willy Serrato Puse told Andina, explaining that the Ficuar sight was an important local monument and a source of pride for residents of Olmos.

According to RPP, the damage was done with heavy machinery.

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