First Alejandro Toledo and now Alan García?


Former President Alan Garcí­a has returned to Peru to take part in the Odebrecht investigation. Will the Peruvian law seek prison for another ex-president?

The Attorney General’s Officer (AGO), Katherine Ampuero, who is in charge of the Odebrecht case, informed to Ideele Radio that she is evaluating to include the ex President Alan Garcí­a and the former Minister of Transport and Communications, Enrique Cornejo, in the investigation.

Alan Garcí­a, who arrived yesterday from Madrid, claims that he is willing to testify as he has no implication in any corruption scandal. According to RPP, Garcí­a seems willing to cooperate in any investigation and he insists that during his second government period there were no irregularities regarding to this matter.

Is it worth considering him of taking bribes form the Brazilian conglomerate?

Some, such as José Ugaz, the former AGO, considers that in this situation it is not recommended to speculate about anybody and emphasizes that unlike Alejandro Toledo, Alan Garcí­a is having a good attitude towards the case.

After Garcia's declarations, the panorama is expected to be clearer. Do you think he has been implicated in any way?



Ana Gamero