First Emirates’ delivery arrives to Peru


Ana Gamero

Dubai and Lima are closer than ever before. What was this transaction about?

The famous and leading air operator, the Emirates Group, delivers the first cargo to Peru through cargo division, Emirates SkyCargo. This will bring great economic success to both nations and will start off an alliance as new trade partners.

Will we be able to travel directly to the EAU? This could eventually become possible as the Emirates Group has also shown interest in including Peru in its route network.

Such results place Peru as EAU’s third-largest trade partner in Latin America, outperforming Chile and Colombia. In this line, non-traditional exports increased by 14% in 2016 compared to the previous year.

Despite the problems some crops have due to recent natural disasters, the demand for Peruvian organic products has shown constant growth. Overall, exports hit an historical record high last year. Peru’s National Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) revealed in its figures that Peruvian exports exceeded US$430 million in 2016.

Cargos coming from Dubai will continue to be delivered to the Peruvian capital.
According to Andina, Peru’s trade office in Dubai (Ocex Dubai) will persist in welcoming more cargo flights coming from the EAU.

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