Gastronomic Boom between Peru and Australia


Australian ambassador in Peru welcomes four chefs that are part of the Young Chefs Exchange Program.

On Monday 17 April, the ambassador of Australia, Nicholas McCaffrey, welcomed two chefs from Peru and two from Australia who are part of the Bilateral Young Chefs Exchange Program (BYCEP).

Australia and Peru: Culinary Partners

This program is sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations between Australia and Peru. BYCEP allowed Peruvian young chefs Mí³nica Sí¡nchez from the Restaurant Central and Cesar Bellido from Astrid & Gastí³n, to travel to Australia for a month. During this time, they were interns at two of the most well- recognized restaurants in Australia, Quay and Bentley, both located in Sydney.

Now, the two Peruvian chefs will welcome and teach the Peruvian cooking techniques to their Australian counterparts Aidan Stevens and Sarah Knights.

Famous chefs and influential people in the gastronomic industry also attended the welcoming event. Tristan Balian, Australian chef and head director of BYCEP and Palmiro Ocampo, the director of Mistura were part of the celebrations at the Australian Embassy. Additionally, the world's best chef Virgilio Martinez joined the event, as well as Mitsuharu Tsumura owner of Maido, the13th best restaurant in the world.

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Ana Gamero