Germany, Peru and Bolivia together in railway project


Ana Gamero

The three countries are united to build a train running from Bolivia to Peru. Which route will it take?

Germany has shown interest in financing a proposed railway from Bolivia, which will start in Santa Cruz and take passengers to Peru's southern ports; Ilo, Matarani, Corí­o and Grau. The investment is estimated to be around $15 billion, Peru’s transportation minister said to El Comercio.

Martin Vizcarra, Vice President and Minister of Transport and Communications of Peru, said to Yahoo Finance that the project is still in preliminary stages. The intervention of Germany in the project would create an interesting liaison between the countries.

German authorities are very interested in becoming part of the project and to contribute financially to make it happen. This is seen by some as a move by Germany to establish Germany's growing investments in the South American region.

The main authorities of those three countries will meet in the Bolivian capital, La Paz, on March 22. Likewise, a meeting in Lima might take place later this month to discuss the project details, budget and feasibility.

In case agreements are reached, this could become the latest transnational railway in South America.

Will you take this train?

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