The lung of Northern Lima saved


Lima’s ecological space, Lomas de Primavera in Carabayllo was saved from land traffickers.

The National Superintendency of State Property (SBN) recovered more than 36 thousand square meters located in the Lomas de Primavera, Carabayllo, the main ecological lung of the Northern part of Lima. This area suffers a huge problem regarding illegal appropriation and sale of lands.

As part of the operation, the National Police of Peru and members of Carabayllo Town Hall helped SNB to stop the land traffickers. Authorities reclaimed two state lands, the smallest had an extension of 8,739.41 square meters and another of 27,567.04 square meters.

The invasions are led by land trafficking mafias who take advantage of rural migrants seeking to start a life in Peru's capital. The lands on sale ranged in price, from S/. 4000 and to S/. 9000 depending on the size of the lot. Land traffickers sold this territory to one hundred families who were in need of a place to live.

Land trafficking is a highly lucrative business but it causes huge environmental and social implications. It damages the great biodiversity that the city needs, increases deforestation rates and pollutes the area invaded. Thankfully on this occasion, entities have taken action to stop this illegal activity.