Hass avocados: From Cusco to Shanghai


The first _Hass avocado_ shipment has been sent from small producers in the Peruvian Andes to Shanghai. Ten containers of _Hass avocados_ from the small community of *Limatambo* in Cusco are expected to arrive soon in Shanghai.

The _Hass avocado_ supply chain is very well organized. A 20-ton container of avocados was sent from a Limatambo, *Cusco to Ica*, where the fruit was packaged by Sun Fruits company, then the sanitary conditions of the product were inspected by the National Service of Agrarian Health (*SENASA*).

After the quality of the product was checked and approved, the container of _Hass Avocados_ was transferred to the *port of Callao*, ready to be shipped to Shanghai. The estimated time of arrival is 35 days. By the end of April, more _Hass avocado_ will be sent to the capital of China. Producers expect to send 200 tons of _Hass avocado_ in total.

This shipment was made possible by the alliance of Camet Trading and Sierra and Selva Exportadora The last entity is part of Peru’s *Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation*, and it is a key player in the development of the _Hass avocados_ exports. Sierra and Selva Exportadora has trained 160 _Hass avocado_ producers in the district of Limatambo, province of Anta, Cusco, to enhance their field management and the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (*GAP*) in order to get the *GLOBALGAP* certification, which allows them to enter the Chinese Market.

_Hass avocado_ exports from Limatambo will bring great economic development in the small village as local producers will be able to enhance their agricultural techniques and become experts in the industry.

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