Heavy floods put Pan American Games at risk


Ana Gamero

Due to the recent natural disasters, Peru considers withdrawing as host for the games.

Heavy rain and floods have caused devastating problems in many areas of the country, especially in the northern parts of Peru.

The distressing situation that Peru is going through at the moment is bringing economic consequences to the government. According to Peru Reports, so far, the government has allocated over $150 million for national disaster prevention in places like Piura.

Criticizing the government's handling of the crisis, Luis Castañeda the conservative mayor of Lima, claims that PPK and his ministers are not taking the situation seriously and that Peru should no longer host the Pan American Games scheduled for 2019. He is supported by other politicians who also consider that the government’s budget should be more focused on rebuilding the devastated zones and helping the victims of the natural disasters instead of spending the money on the international event.

The Peruvian President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) rejected those opinions, saying that Peru needs to fulfill its international commitment. PPK claims that the government already has sufficient resources to rebuild the damaged areas caused by floods and heavy rains.

Do you think the government is responding well to the emergency?

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