Is time up for oil companies in the Amazon?


Ana Gamero

Canadian oil company pulls out of exploration after environmentalists protest. What happened?

The company E&P will withdraw from a territory occupied by several uncontacted tribes. The Canadian company had previously been awarded the right to explore a large area of the Amazon Uncontacted frontier.

The company was forced to stop exploring for oil at this natural area due to many protests and environmental movements.

Survival International, a campaign that has fought for tribal rights for years, has taken action. Survival released an open letter protesting against the intervention of the Canadian oil company. The letter was signed by the Rainforest Foundation Norway and ORPIO. Such movements have brought world-wide attention and most importantly have forced the Canadian conglomerate to pull out this operation.

Likewise, organizations such as AIDESEP, ORPIO,ORAU are suing the government over the treaty of oil exploration and thousands of supporters are making their voices heard via social media.

Survival's Director Stephen Corry said : “This is great news for the global campaign for uncontacted tribes and all those who wish to halt the genocide that has swept across the Americas since the arrival of Columbus”.

It is a good step to acknowledge the enormous danger posed by contact between outsiders and the tribes, even more, to interfere with the uncontacted tribe's environment.

Check out Survival’s facebook website, to hear uncontacted tribes testimonials.

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