Machu Picchu features on NatGeo cover


Ana Gamero

The Inca Ruins grace the cover of the National Geographic magazine. What else did they say about Machu Picchu?

The world famous travel magazine features Machu Picchu on its cover of the April / May issue. As it can be seen from the picture, Machu Picchu’s picture shines in the Nat Geo's cover under the headline “Epic Journeys”.

National Geographic’s “Worth Every Step” article features Machu Picchu among its 19 life-changing trips. It also presents fifteen routes in the world that travelers can enjoy on foot including Petra in Jordan, Borobudur in Indonesia and the Great Wall of China, among others.

The article highlights Machu Picchu as Peru’s main tourist attraction and one of the most popular destinations around the world for trekking adventurers. The magazine invites its readers to visit the Inca Ruins and to enjoy the majestic view of Huayna Picchu, the towering mountain crowning the sanctuary.

This international recognition promotes the tourism industry in Peru and places Machu Picchu in the eyes of the world.

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