Military responds to Peru’s natural disasters


Ana Gamero

Armed forces are now playing a growing humanitarian role in disaster relief. What other actions need to be taken?

So far 2017, has been a bad year for Peru, weather-wise. Landslides and heavy rains have occurred all over the country, leaving behind many victims.

Over the past few days, heavy rains have hit Peru’s northern area of Lambayeque, causing floods and human losses. Fortunately, a brave group of Peruvian army members are now flying over the damaged areas to help citizens. The Army’s intervention was seen when a soldier rescued minors that were trapped by floods at La Leche River. Over 210 citizens were also rescued and were taken to safety.

Jorge Nieto, the Peruvian Defense Minister, reports to Andina that Armed Forces and National Police will remain in the area to rescue people, who might have been isolated by the weather event.

Due to an increase in the incidence of natural disasters in Peru, it is a good option to have the Armed Forces playing a larger role in this crisis situation.

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