Peru: Lambayeque receives drones for surveying archaeological sites


Archaeologists will be able to use the drones to complete preliminary investigations of potentially historically valuable sites. Archaeologists in Lambayeque will soon be able to use space age technology to aid them in their search for really old stuff.

According to El Comercio, the Ministry of Culture in Lambayeque has acquired drones for use in archaeological surveys.

El Comercio reports that each drone has six propellers that allow them to stay in the air. In addition, each drone has photo and video cameras to record information about the sites they scan. Archaeologists will use the drones to survey sites in order to determine their potential for excavation.

But the sites won’t just be surveyed from above. El Comercio reports that culture authorities in Lambayeque have also obtained GPS systems and georadar equipment. Georadar allows archaeologists to peek underground– up to 50 meters of depth– so they can see if there are any potentially valuable artifacts without having to break ground.

“This will allow us to know a bit about the topography of the land so we can plan an excavation. It’ll reduce the planning times for archaeology projects,” explained José de la Cruz, a Mexican specialist in Perú to help train archaeologists.

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