Peru to Host Inter-American Human Resources Conferences


Another conference in a string of important international events to be held in Lima set for 2021.

In the past two years Lima has been a home to a number of important conferences including the APEC and World Bank reunions. While the Inter-American Human Resources Conference 2021 is not quite on the same scale as these giants, it will serve to continue Peru's reputation as an economically stable and developing country that has what it takes to stay competitive in the world market.

Andina reports that the congress is held every two years in order to bring together those with experience in Human Resources to discuss and formulate new ideas about the field and its application in Latin America.

PROMPERU was a key player in obtaining this particular conference for Lima as it has been for many other events of the same nature, and their efforts have shown in the past year's travel awards, when Lima was named '



Mike Dreckschmidt

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