Peru’s Mangoes Stepping Ahead of Brazil


Peru is implementing a new strategy in the market that affects Brazilian mango producers. How is the situation?

Brazil and Peru have always been competitors regarding fruit production. However, the situation is changing and Peru is now taking the lead.

Normally, Brazil’s harvesting season starts in August and continues until October. Peru, however, begin its harvest earlier and sold its production to the European market before Brazil had the chance. As a result, Brazilian farmers were forced to cut their harvesting short, as Peru’s mangoes were already in the European market.

Besides Peru’s strategy in the market, Brazil is also experiencing some threats in their volume production due to a severe drought and other weather extreme conditions in north-eastern Brazil. Despite this, the biggest mango producer in Brazil Brasfruit remains positive and claims to Freshplaza that the demand of Palmer mango has increased and farmers will be able to produce it all year.

On the other hand, Peru’s situation seems a bit more clear and promising. Peru’s strategy to harvest their production earlier in order to get better prices has certainly shaken the Brazilian market. Brazilian experts consider that this movement has negative implications for the product’s quality as the mangoes will be too green.

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Ana Gamero