Peruvian Air Force: Free flights for victims


Ana Gamero

Airlines are charging excessive rates and now the Peruvian Air Force is stepping in and transporting passengers to safe areas. What do you think about it?

Commercial airlines such as LATAM are taking advantage of the situation that many victims in Peru are going through and have decided to charge $450 for flights out of Piura. As a response, the Peruvian Air Force decided to make two free flights today for people who need to travel urgently outside of the affected areas.

The Air Force of Peru will enable free flights for the victims and relatives who need to travel from Piura to Trujillo.

The force of nature has caused devastating and unforeseen events; floods and landslides have left thousands without communication and transport facilities to many regions of the country, especially in the northern areas. In total, the Peruvian Air Force will offer 50 free flights from Piura to safer areas.

Aircrafts will transport people affected by heavy rainfalls on a C-27 Spartan airplanes, starting as of yesterday, March 16.

What is the time schedule? The planes will leave Air Group No. 7 at 11.30 a.m and 5pm. Aircrafts have a capacity of 50 passengers.

How can people register and where? At Piura and Trujillo main square. People will only have to present their national ID. It is worth noting that only hand luggage and first necessity items are accepted in the flight.

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