Peruvian blueberries rock Canada


Ana Gamero

Exports of Peruvian blueberries are rising and they are becoming a hit product in Canada.

Peru and Canada have a growing bilateral relationship marked by a commitment to trade and investment. Peru is Canada's second-largest bilateral trading partner in South and Central America. Both nations have had a free trade agreement (FTA) since August 1, 2009. In 2016, Peru's exports to that market totaled US$ 1.684 million, which places Canada as Peru's fourth favorite exports destination after China, the United States and Switzerland.

Among the Canadian’s favourite products from Peru, the blueberry is by far the most preferred fruit. During 2016, Peru exports to Canada amounted to $12,956 million dollars. Peru is among the third largest suppliers of blueberries to Canada, behind the United States and Chile.

Although Chile is by far the biggest exporter of blueberries, Peru is growing fast and they have an advantage over Chile; Peruvian blueberries can grow all year round. This ensures a higher supply offer for Canada.

Peru is looking to secure its position in the Canadian market through international food fairs, trade facilities and commercial agreements. The Commercial Office of Peru Toronto (OCEX Toronto) is promoting Peruvian blueberries consumption in shops, supermarkets and restaurants in Toronto.

Peruvian blueberries are expected to become a hit product in Canada.

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