Peruvian President’s popularity


Following the flood situation and the government response, the approval of the President of Peru has risen. What do you think?

The Peruvian head of state, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), did not have much approval from his public until the Niño hit the country. His approval rate rose by 11%. In March, 32% of the country approved his management, in April, his approval rate reached 43%, according to the national survey of El Comercio-Ipsos.

According to the survey, this increase in the approval of PPK is due to the quick response that the Peruvian government had to the Niño weather effects. “It is not unusual for a government to gain support after reacting energetically to a natural disaster,” said Ipsos Peru chief Alfredo Torres to Channel News Asia.

PPK is mostly popular in socioeconomic sectors A, B and C, where his approval reaches 65%, 55% and 49%, respectively. However, the majority of the population that fall into sectors D and E disapprove of the head of state’s management with 55% and 46%.

Even though PPK is becoming more popular in Peru, with the southern regions of the country supporting him by 45%, and in the east part of the country, with 47%, the northern regions only show a support rate of 38%.

What do you think about PPK’s management?



Ana Gamero