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A young man from Lima travels around Peru showing its beautiful sites and visiting his followers. Who is he?

What would you like to accomplish before turning 30? For Gabriel Mena, a 27 year old man born in Lima, it was to travel around Peru. Not only is he traveling around the country, but he is also sharing his experiences to the rest of Peru and to the world.

How? Through-out his journey he will be broadcasting each place he visits through his youtube channel where he is better known as Cholo Mena. The purpose of Cholo Mena youtube channel is to bring people one step closer to creating and building up a community that knows more about Peru. His dream is to create a platform that inspires more young people to travel and to get to know each other.

'œAt my 27th birthday on January 30, I went a bit crazy when I realised that I am almost 30 and I haven't explored my own country' Mena told El Comercio. He adds that he also wants to travel abroad, but he had to discover Peru first. Cholo mena followed his grandma’s advice when she said that it is important to know 'œwhat is yours'.

He is on a mission to visit all of his followers around Peru, to explore their cities, to listen to their entertaining stories and capture beautiful images.

So far, he has visited 3 cities; Cusco, Ayacucho and Cajamarca.

Cholo Mena has surpassed borders; he has followers around the world asking him to upload more videos. Through Mena's videos he is encouraging people from all across the world to visit Peru.

Are you curious to check out his videos? Visit his youtube channel.

Cholo Mena’s latest video on youtube. (Video: Youtube/ Cholo Mena)

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