PPK’s approval rating: How low can it go?


For the second month in a row, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s approval rating has dropped. Are you losing faith in Peru’s president?

Can we blame this on Toledo, too?

Peru’s president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), is becoming increasingly unpopular these past few months, with many pointing fingers to the drama circulating his former boss, Alejandro Toledo.

Toledo, who was president of the Andean nation between 2001 and 2006, is currently under investigation for accepting some US$ 20 million in bribes from Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht. At the time that such wrongdoing would have taken place, PPK was Toledo’s acting Minister of Economy and Finance and Prime Minister.

Toledo is currently MIA though the Peruvian government has offered a hefty reward for anyone who can find him.

Meanwhile, PPK, who has always voiced a strong opposition to corruption, has seen his approval rating drop to 38%. Back in September 2016, shortly after taking office, 68% of the nation stood behind their president. The Ipsos survey was taken late last week, between Wednesday and Friday, aligning with the build up of the Toledo graft probe.

Though 78 years old, PPK’s presidency is still young (less than a year). At this point in his career however, his presidency is far less popular than his two predecessors, Ollanta Humala and Alan Garcia. According to Channel News Asia, the two former presidents “enjoyed approval ratings of at least 50 percent at this stage of their terms.”



Agnes Rivera

A U.S. native plucked from the green surroundings of her home state of Oregon, Agnes Rivera has been living in Lima, Peru, fulfilling various occupations such as teaching, translating, and journalism. While indoors she uses her time creatively to build "recycled art" and read fiction, she is quick to use any excuse to be outdoors, balancing her inner home-body lifestyle with an adventurous spirit to explore all that Peru has to offer.