Preservation initiative at Pachacamac


Ana Gamero

An NGO is starting a project at the archaeological ruins. What is it about?

First, a bit of information about Pachamac: Pachamac archeological complex is located just 30 miles outside of Lima city. 'œPachací¡mac' in Quechua means 'œPacha' world, and 'œcamac' to animate, or “the one who animates the world”. This religious and pilgrimage center is a great attraction in the surrounding Lima area.

What is happening now? Pachacamac ruins are located at one of the most populous neighbourhoods in Lima. A place where there are many land invasions and cases of exploitation. Land trafficking is affecting the preservation of Pachacamac as land sellers claim property of this place and look to knock down the walls protecting the archeological site.

As a response, Pachacamac citizens are participating in a project that is looking to safeguard the place while giving them a better quality of life. The non-profit organization, Sustainable Preservation Initiative (SPI) is now helping Pachacamac to preserve its location through the creation of educational programs for residents that will help them understand the importance of the archeological site.

SPI and the museum of Pachacamac organized a group of local women and empowered them to form their own organization. Those Pachacamac women have created SISAN which means flowering in Quechua. This is a space where women create and sell products related to the site's cultural history and iconography. 'œI think what makes me most happy is knowing that the people here feel like they are a part of their own history and of Pachacamac' says Denise Pozzi-Escot, the director of the Pachacamac Site Museum to National Geographic.

This program seems like a good economic and social hub for Pachacamac to fight against the discriminative use of the area while also giving local women a source of income. What do you think? Please see comment section below.

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