Refugee centers to support flood victims


Ana Gamero

Floods have left families without a place to sleep, as a response, refugee centers will be allocated around Peru. Where will they be?

Peru is going through a natural disaster crisis which is having a devastating impact on infrastructure, households and companies in the affected areas. In the northern parts of Peru the extreme weather has caused the Piura River to overflow and collapse drainage systems, leaving 12,000 people homeless, while in Lambayeque more than 2,000 families were left on the streets due to the flooding of La Leche and Motupe rivers.

Many victims were left without a place to sleep. The Prime Minister Fernando Zavala announced to El Comercio that the government will install areas of refuge for those most affected by the recent natural disasters.

In a press conference from the National Emergency Operations Center, Zavala said that the centers will be located in Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad and metropolitan Lima. Areas of alert in Lima include Lurí­n, Chosica, Jicamarca, Huaycoloro and Chillon. Collection centers for donations are available at the Dibos Coliseum and La Videna.

Essalud is also taking part in this humanitarian cause. They have placed 20 health centers in Piura where they provide medicine and assist victims.

The prime minister also points out the presence of the Armed Forces and the Police in damaged areas who are there to give assistance to victims .

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