International Humanitarian Aid to Peru


Ana Gamero

Peru is not alone, humanitarian aid is arriving from neighbouring countries.

The Peruvian Government is leading the rescue and relief efforts and now, the Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, authorized a 4.4 billion soles ($1.35 billion) increase to this year's budget to spend in recovery efforts as a result of heavy rains and floods.

Neighbouring countries of Peru are also showing their solidarity and express willingness to support Peru in this emergency.

The first disaster response from overseas arrived on Sunday, from Ecuador. An airplane from Ecuador landed in Lima, carrying humanitarian aid and specific priority items to be distributed to the affected zones of Peru.

It was reported that on board the aircraft was Undersecretary for Information Management and Risk Analysis of Ecuador, Ricardo Peñaherrera, who was welcomed by Peru's Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, Eric Anderson.

The Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, announced his country will send 30 tons of humanitarian assistance and four helicopters to Peru to help natural disaster-affected victims.

Other countries including Argentina, Chile and the United States also offer their help and deliveries are due to arrive during the week.

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