Toledo’s time is up


The former President Alejandro Toledo has been sentenced to an 18-month pre-trial detention. Do you think he is guilty or not?

The judge Mario Guerra Bonifacio decided to give 18 months preventative jailing to Toledo, his wife Eliane Karp, Israeli businessman Josef Maiman and former security chief Avi Dan On as part of the investigation on money laundering and corruption cases such as the Odebrecht scandal. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that preventive detention is ordered against a former first lady in the history of Peru.

Guerra pointed out to Peru21 that there is enough evidence to consider that Toledo and the other suspects are involved in those crimes. Additionally, a crucial evidence was given by Rosana Villar who presented the statements given by Jorge Barata, Odebrecht executive director who claimed that he gave a payment of US $ 20 million in bribes to Alejandro Toledo, so that the Brazilian firm could undertake work in the project of IIRSA Sur.

The Peruvian justice has given Toledo many opportunities to collaborate with the law and clarify his implications in the corruption cases. However, he made his situation worse when he left Peru and traveled to the United States. As a response, Peruvian prosecutors are seeking extradition of Toledo.

How do you think this case is going to end?



Ana Gamero