What is the profile of the Peruvian women?


Ana Gamero

For International Women’s Day, INEI has released interesting data about Peruvian women. What do you think?

According to INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Information), more than 15,800,000 Peruvian women, almost half of the country's population (49.9%) will celebrate International Women’s Day today.

In terms of age, 3,375,000 of the total represent girls aged between 0-11 years; 1,712,000 are teenagers (age 12-17); 8,483,000 are of childbearing years (age 15-49); and 1,724,000 are senior citizens (age 60 and over).

Overall, it is reported that 95.4% of Peruvian females work. In urban areas, 94.4% of women are employed while in rural areas, 99.1% are employed.

Where are they working? 40.9% of women work in the services field; 25.7% in commerce; 22.2% in agriculture, fishing and mining; 8.6% in manufacturing; 1.9% in transport and communications; and 0.7% in construction.

What about employee benefits? Only 27.1% of working women have a pension plan and 77.2% receive health insurance.

Regarding to education levels among Peruvian women, in 2016, less than half (36%) of the female population concluded their high school studies, and only 16.7% have finished university.

What´s your conclusion on the Peruvian women profile? Comment below.

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