Northern Peru: 15 hotel projects worth about US$ 450 million


The northern beaches of “Piura”: and Tumbes are hot spots for tourists looking for relaxing locations and good surf. With more interest in the region, investments continue to grow and bring “growth to the communities”:

The head of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) Jorge Jochamowitz, announced that there are currently 15 hotel projects being built in Tumbes and Piura worth about US$ 450 million in investments, reports “Andina”: news agency.

Jochamowitz affirmed that more tourists are interested in the region and that they are moving to provide the infrastructure to fill demand.

“The 15 hotel projects –already underway– will entail a total investment of between US$400 million and US$ 450 million; the beach area is highly popular among tourists and this attracts many hospitality investors to the place,” Jochamowitz told Andina news agency.

He added that the renovated airport in Talara has been a force of bringing in a greater number of tourists in the region, where several applications are already being processed to start construction.

The projects include medium-sized hotels with more than 30 rooms. Jochawitz informed that each is worth about US$ 30 million in investments.



Hillary Ojeda

Hillary moved to Peru in August of 2014 to learn Spanish, live with her family, and pursue writing. Born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca, Hillary earned her B.A. in Anthropology at University of California, Berkeley. Since moving to Peru she drinks fermented potato and coca concoctions daily and is enjoying learning about the abundant and natural andean foods of the country. Hillary hopes one day to become an investigative journalist. You can follow her blog.