Top 10 Peruvian Christmas gifts


Do you have 5,000 friends? Great! We could probably come up with a unique Peruvian gift for every one of them.

MsoNormal Let’s be honest.  Most family gatherings are best suffered enjoyed when treated with a small dose of alcohol. And what better alcohol than some of Peru’s own? Pictured here are the touristy versions (from s/. 50) if you are looking to give a gift with some personality, but there are dozens of less showy varieties available at your local Peruvian supermarket or corner store. 

Those shown here are from: Artesanias Kaypi, Stand 107D, Av. Petit Thouars 5570, Miraflores.

There are two categories of people who like cook books: those who love to cook and those who drool over the pictures.  This set we found is good for both.  High-quality professional photographs accompany some of the best recipes to ever come out of the Peruvian cooking tradition. 


After all the stress of holiday prep work, who couldn’t use a little chess break? This Peruvian-themed set (the Spanish vs. the Incas) is perfect for a quiet game by the tree with a loved one after everyone else has gone to sleep.  Added bonus: it folds up into a box for easy storage.

These can be bought for s/. 80 at: Peruvian Collection Handicrafts, Av. Ricardo Palma 205, Store 106.

These items start at $65 and can be purchased from: Artesantia Expo Inti, Urin Huanca, Av. Petit Thouars 5495, Store 109.  

cajon (wooden box drum)

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Larcomar Store 304
Conquistadores 641, San Isidro
C.C. El Polo, Store A 105, Monterrico
C.C. Plaza San Miguel, Store 309, San Miguel
Boulevard Asia  


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