Plant Based Traveler: Discovering a different kind of cuisine


It’s one thing to see the world as an individual who eats all types of food, however, it’s a bit different when your diet only consists of plants. The new vegan travel show, Plant Based Traveler, documents this journey – starting in Cusco, Peru.Lou Gemunden and Dana Roberts had always enjoyed watching travel food shows together, but when they decided to change their eating habits they ran into a problem: Where were all the vegan programs?

After searching for video content that better aligned with their new lifestyle, Gemunden and Roberts realized that there wasn’t much out there. So what did the newly formed production team decide to do? Make their own show, of course.

The Plant Based Traveler had its beginnings in Berlin, after the two moved there from New York. The documentary series, which explores vegan cuisine highlights the challenging and rewarding experience of discovering, and enjoying, alternative kinds of food throughout the world.

In Gemunden and Roberts’ journey to produce the series’ first episode, recently launched on Vimeo the duo shares their atypical dining experiences in Cusco with the world. Not only does it depict the natural, flavorful food found in the city, but the new and meaningful relationships that they form with locals along the way.

p=. Watch the pilot episode here!

In the Plant Based Traveler’s pilot, episode viewers get a taste of Green Point a vegan restaurant located in beautiful, historic Cusco. The production team also shares their interactions with a bread maker at Masa Madre salt miners, farmers, chefs, and other individuals whose passion it is to create delicious, plant-based food.

Although they’re just getting started, the team has already formed a clear idea of their purpose; inspiring “people to not only question the way that they currently travel, but also change how they engage with the world every day of the week.”

If you’re planning on taking a vegan adventure of your own, Roberts has some advice to share: do you research ahead of time, keep an open mind, learn as you go, and be flexible.

Peru is definitely not the easiest place to find vegan options, but I was so impressed with the quality of produce in this country,’ said Roberts. I would completely recommend other vegans coming just to get to taste the wide range of flavors that aren’t accessible in other parts of the world.

Stay tuned for the August episode whereby the duo tackle Peru’s capital city, Lima.

To learn more about Plant Based Traveler and to get a new angle on Peruvian cuisine and culture, check out their Facebook and website .