Trump vs Mexico: Where does Peru stand?


Formed in 2011, the *Pacific Alliance* is a trade bloc of Latin American countries that include Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. But in a time when an economic powerhouse like the US sees its president take a stand against foreign business, workers, and, in general, foreigners, will a similar division strike other countries?

Trump not only continues to pursue extending *a wall between the US and Mexico*, but says he will have the Latin American country pay for it. He has also threatened to tax imports from Mexico, despite the fact that in 2015 Mexico ranked the third global supplier to the States.

According to a report from _Reuters_, Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (*PPK*) was one of the first leaders of a country typically considered a US ally to express his concern and disapproval regarding Trump’s actions.

Right now one of us is facing serious difficulties that are not of its own making,’ said PPK, while on an official visit to his Colombian counterpart. We have to stand together on our ideals, on global trade which has done us so much good.

The president did not shy away from the realities however, as he continued to comment that living in a globalized world is a game of give and take.

Of course there are costs to global trade, of course there are job losses, but it’s also clear that *the benefits are bigger*.

Before embarking on a political career in Peru, PPK, a graduate from Princeton University, *spent many years in the US*, working for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

For his part, Colombian *President Juan Manuel Santos* noted that now is the time to “join the call of countries that adhere to the principles that have been so good for the world: *free trade, respect for treaties… multilateral solutions. *

*_What do you think readers: will Trump’s anti-Mexico stance divide Latin America?_*Will Latin American countries stand together as the US President practices protectionism?

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  1. Before judging Trump and his actions one must look at things from the perspective of the USA as well as from a southern neighbors point of view. Having an emotional response is not a good place to start from, one must ask, “Why is Trump and the American people so upset and wanting a way of keeping illegals out” (which it won’t by the way).

    Are illegals causing a fair amount of crime (As if crossing the border without papers wasn’t enough), are they a burden to the tax payers who must flip the bill for educating their children , providing health care to the entire family when needed, (now multiply that family by millions).

    Now ask yourself if things were reversed how happy would you be flipping the bill, competing for employment on a job that you have to pay taxes on and the illegal does not. Add the fact that illegals drive (often) and if they have an accident they have no insurance so you pay for something that wasn’t your fault.

    Should the USA have a better or more open immigration policy, perhaps they should, but by doing so isn’t that also taking those that want to work most away from the very places that need their type most? Maybe it’s time for our southern neighbors to back small businesses more so people don’t want to leave to make a living, I’m sure no one ever wants to leave home, miss his/her children and way of life just to make a few dollars.

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